Chintan Parikh

About Me

Hello , I'm Chintan Parikh, a Web Developer by profession and a Web Developer by passion . Web Development and Web technologies is the art I am Mastering since 2011.

Programming is My Passion and Skill , it is what I get the most joy from.Also I love to design simple and clean websites.


  • PHP

    PHP is the most popular open source programming language that can intract with databases to generate dynamic content.

  • Magento

    Magento is a complete open source e-commerce solution build on PHP MVC architecture and Zend Framework.

  • Phonegap

    Phonegap is a framework that builds a cross-platform mobile app for
    Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry,etc.

  • Javascript

    Javascript is a powerful client-side language for user interaction, but now is widely used on server-side as well.


JPC Technologies is a young and energetic company, rapidly growing in all magnitudes.JPC Technologies provides simple and efficient solutions to the complex problems in sectors like e-Commerce,Enterpise Resource Planning,Business Intelligence,Enterprise Applications,Mobile App Development,VOIP,Search Engine optimization and many more.

At JPC Technologies, I play my role as Tech Lead - Web Technologies.And I love every challenge this position throws at me.

Personal Projects

Whenever I am Inspired by some Idea I try to build simple projects for my passion and learning.These projects keeps me trilled and busy on weekends.


Easiest and Fastest way to connect with me is through email - hi[at]

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